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Para completar mi gama de cebos fondantes he desarrollado estos flotantes. Estos cebos 'peso pluma' permanece flotando durante bastante tiempo haciéndose irresistibles para las carpas.
Teniendo en cuenta que el color rosa es muy efectivo, especialmente en primavera y en aguas poco profundas, el sabor estandarte de esta gama es el rosa fluorescente.
Estos boilies son muy efectivos. Otros de sabores disponibles es la Piña amarillo fluorescentes, uno de mis favoritos.

Flotantes están disponibles en 15 y 20 mm.

Featherweight pop ups

Magig Mango, orange and white mixed



CF2 Squid & Krill, black

This bait is based on a mix containing high quality fish meals and krill. Both Squid meal and Krill are excellent attractors on their own, but combined and complemented with some special ingredients this bait brings truly exceptional results. The fish seem to immediately accept this bait as a high quality food source, hence it carries the name CF2 Squid & Krill for a reason.CF2


Squid & Plum, purple and white mixed

This unusual flavour combination is particularly suited to pressured waters. Summer or winter, it catches equally well.


CF1 White Squid Specials, white

White baits are very popular. For quite some time now my team and I have been experimenting with a white version of our CF1 bait. The catches on a variety of different waters have been very impressive, so we didn´t hesitate to make this bait available to the public.


The Foodsource (Megaspice), dark red

When my team and I set out to develop a bait that would be at least as good as our CF1 Squid & Liver, we knew we would face a difficult task. Using the latest knowledge from the koi rearing industry and after testing new groundbreaking ingredients, we have achieved a bait, which we´re sure about, will cause a lot of stir. The unusual spicy smell and taste in conjunction with a very nutritious mix make this bait very special, not only on pressured waters.


Fruit Blast, green and white mixed

This exotic mix of essential oils und fruit flavours is one of our team´s favourites. We have has been catching well on this bait for years. It works particularly well on waters with poisson chat, such as Cassien, because the poisson chat don´t seem to like the smell of the baits, however the carp do love it, hence it was time to add this fantastic bait to the range. If you´re looking for a very special fruit bait Fruit Blast is the one. Inside the tub there are white as well as fluoro green baits. Both colours have proven very successful during field testing.


Mulberry Dream, purple

Mulberry flavour is one of my all time fruit favourites, with which I have had great success for many years. Hence it was a logical step to add this pop up to the Featherweight range. During tests my team and I achieved excellent results and it seemed that this bait produced fish even in very difficult conditions. The fruity smell is quite simply irresistible.



Pure Pepper, light pink

Black pepper oil is one of the most successful essential oils. My team and I have designed a pop up that really differs from fruity and fishy baits. Pure Pepper is the result and what a great one. This pop up catches incredibly well.


CF1 (Squid & Liver), rosa fluorescente



Pineapple Excess, amarillo fluorescente



Scopex & Strawberry, rojo



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