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groundbait/stick mix

Fruit Blast groundbait

The Fruit Blast groundbait contains one of our most popular attractors. Thanks to its open structure it has exceptional attraction properties, both in summer and winter. Christian Finkelde´s edge on difficult waters.FBGB


CF1 Squid & Liver X-Plosion groundbait, black



Pineapple X-plosion groundbait, fluo green

Our new X-plosion groundbaits take groundbait to the next level. In water they create coloured cloud of attracttion and costantly launch food particles into the water, which leads to an impressive level of attracttion. These new products are quite simply phenomenal.


Available in 1 kg bags.

Green Magic groundbait

This green groundbait is rich in protein, containing crushed koi pellets and various attractors, which in water trigger an immediate feeding response from the fish, all year round.


Available in 1 kg bags.


CF1 groundbait/stick mix


We also offer a groundbait/stick mix in the CF1 range. Mix the CF1 groundbait/stick mix with water and Attracta and/or food source liquids. In particular our betaine and the green lipped mussel liquid have proven to be extremely effective when used in conjunction with the CF1 groundbait/stick mix. A good tip is to mould some paste made with CF1 groundbait/stick mix around your hookbait before casting out.

The CF1 groundbait/stick mix is available in 1kg bags.



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