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For those who prefer to roll their own bait, we offer base mixes. The base mixes are perfect for making bait in conjunction with our Attracta and Food source liquids and are tailored to them. There are no limitations to your own creativity in bait design using our base mixes and liquids.
Base mixes are available in 3 kg bags.

boilie mixes

The Foodsource (Megaspice) base mix

This ist he base mix that we also use in our corresponding boilie. The mix is crammed with high quality Ingredients such as Red Factor, several spice mixes and PTX as well as Nectablend.MSBM


Record Breaker Mix

The Record Breaker Mix contains amongst other ingredients, high quality proteins and a selection of crushed nuts which gives baits rolled with this mix an attractive "crunch effect" texture. Already during tests in Germany and across Europe baits rolled with this mix have caught numerous personal bests. When fishing with baits rolled with this mix I suggest you get your weigh sling ready. I am convinced that the Record Breaker Mix will continue to live up to its name.



Monster Mix Plus

This mix also contains high quality ingredients such as fishmeals, krill and birdfoods. The perfectly balanced mix is particularly suited to fishing for big carp on ultra hard waters. During tests we have found our food source liquids Seduction and Finkamino to perfectly complement the Monster Mix Plus making baits rolled using these ingredients irresistible to big carp. The longer you bait your swim with baits rolled with Monster Mix Plus, the more attractive it gets.



CF1 Base Mix

This is the base mix that we use in the flagship of my shelflife bait range, the CF1. Carefully selected fishmeals, liver proteins and high quality extracts have been used in this mix which is unique with regards to its nutritive value, its digestibility as well as its short and long term attractiveness. Even our high demands and expectations were surpassed whilst fishing with this exceptional mix. Without a doubt CF1 is one of the very best base mixes on the market.



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