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These carefully selected liquids can be used to flavour base mixes or groundbaits and as a bait dip. They can also be used in PVA bags, stick mixes and they are ideal to flavour particles. To do so, add lake water to your particles as well as your chosen liquid(s) and leave them to soak for at least 24 hours before boiling them. After the boiling process you can add some more liquid(s) to the baits. In that way the particles have an attractive skin and leak flavour thanks to the previously absorbed liquids. Due to the natural base of the liquids it is almost impossible to overdose them.

All Attracta liquids are available in resealable 250 ml bottles.

Attracta liquids


Maple is an often underrated classic. We don´t follow trends, we prefer to set them, hence we have conceived this high quality liquid. Maplecream is not only ideal for enhancing boilies but also for improving the attraction qualities of particle baits.

Use 20-25 ml per kg of base mix.Maplecream


Fruit Blast

The Fruit Blast pop ups are among our top selling ones, so due to demand we now also offer the corresponding Attracta liquid. Here it is! Summer and winter, this liquid almost guarantees success.

Use 20-25 ml per kg of base mix.Fruit blast


Mulberry Dream

This is the attractor that we use in our very popular Mulberry Dream Pop ups. The distinctive fruit note has proven irresistible to carp.

Use 20-25 ml per kg of base mix.Mulberry Dream


The Foodsource (Megaspice)

This is the spicy liquid attractant that we use in our bait The Foodsource (Megaspice).


Use 20-25 per kg of dry mix.


Protaste sweetener & particle booster

Protaste gives your baits an irresistibly sweet but by no means pungent taste. It is ideal to flavour particles and groundbaits. Protaste is not just any sweetener, it is THE sweetener!


Use 10-15 ml per kg of dry mix. Per 1 kg of dry particles use 20 ml Protaste.



Betaine liquid

Betaine has excellent attractor properties. Betaine is best used in conjunction with one or more of the liquids in the FINKELDE range. Perfect for use in boilie mixes and groundbait, Betaine liquid improves the attractiveness of any bait. By combining one or more liquids you can design your very own bait dip with ease.


Use 15-20 ml per kg dry mix.



Pineapple Excess

Pineapple Excess is a further unique fruit liquid. It can be used to roll your own pineapple boilies but also to dip our featherweight pop ups.


Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.



Scopex & Strawberry

Scopex on its own is already a brilliant attractor. The addition of our exclusive strawberry flavour in combination with a further special extract makes this liquid something truly unique. A PVA bag filled with or dipped in Scopex & Strawberry is a top tip.


Use 20-25 ml per kg of dry mix.



Monster Crab XL (with black pepper)

During tests the combination of Monster Crab with black pepper exceeded even our high expectations.


Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.



Crazy Banana

The fruity taste and smell of Crazy Banana is a dream. For all those of you, who like to fish with fruity type baits, Crazy Banana is the one.


Use 20-25 ml per kg dry mix.



CF1 (Squid & Liver)

This combination of squid and liver extracts is quite simply irresistible.


Use 25-30 ml per kg of dry mix.



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