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about us

da_bossThe use of high quality carp baits has played an important role right from the start of my fishing career. Besides choosing the right spot and location, in carp fishing the use of a good quality bait is a key factor for success.
When I set out to design my own range of baits, I knew exactly what I wanted - a selection of high quality baits that would not only be instantly attractive but also work well long term, allowing you to achieve exceptional results.

During the design period I have not only relied on my own knowledge but also had input from my team and renowned bait specialists and scientists.
It would have been all too easy to come up with cheap low quality offerings and tell you, the customer, that these are best baits since time started. However that is not my idea of credibility. A customer who pays for my baits and is confident in using them, should get value for money; a bait that catches carp without compromise. This is something my team and myself owe you. This is very important to me.koeder01

To guarantee that my bait range gets produced on a constantly high level of quality I decided to join forces with Allan Parbery, owner of the renowned British bait manufacturer Mistral Baits. I have known Allan for a long time, nearly twenty years in fact. Over the years Allan has probably forgotten more about bait than most people have ever known, so it seemed obvious to work with him. Mistral Baits has got one of the most modern bait production units in the world and thus is the ideal partner to offer top quality, value for money baits.

The FINKELDE bait range is produced using carefully selected ingredients in the United Kingdom to my very own recipes.

After intensive field testing my team and I have managed to put together a range of baits meeting our high demands and being without equal with regards to quality and attractiveness.

Christian Finkelde

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