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With the Zero Compromise range my team and I have compiled a range of line and hooklink materials covering all situations carp anglers encounter on the bank. In the range you will find only reliable products that will help you catch more fish. During development of the product range we made no comromises. Zero Compromise – your way to successful fishing!

hooklink materials


Our Fluoclear material is made of finest fluorocarbon. In water it is almost invisible, fairly flexible, abrasion resistant, hence it is ideally suited for fishing in clear water. Fluoclear basically closes the gap between our stiff Chod link and our CF1 braid, which is very supple. I always carry Fluoclear in my tackle box and it should not be missing in yours either.

Available on 20 m spools in 0,45 mm diameter.
Fluoclear 1


CF1 braid, braided hooklink

CF1 braid is a braided hooklink material that my team and I use in conjunction with a variety of rigs. Due to its camo green colour it is very hard to detect for the fish on the lake bed. CF1 braid is extremely strong and hence ideal for demanding fishing situations. Use CF1 braid in conjunction with our tungsten Sinkaz for an ideal presentation.


Available in 32 lb and 45 lb on 25 m spools.


Chod link

Stiff and chod rigs are an important part of today´s carp anglers rigs. The chod link material is ideal for chod and stiff rigs. It can easily be shaped with your thumb and will keep its shape. Thanks to its clear colour it is nearly invisible in water.


Available on 25 m spools in 0,47 mm diameter.


Hair braid

Hair braid is a soft but strong camo green braid that doesn´t tangle. It is ideal for tying flexible hairs.


Available on 25 m spools.


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